Increase Facebook Likes/ Twitter Followers

When anyone talks about social networking sites, the names facebook and twitter click in our mind first of all. These are the top social networking site in today’s era. Nowadays social networking sites like Facebook and twitter are such a big hit that most of the people are attached to it. All subscribers are attached to each other through a common media.

On 31st march 2011, the no. of subscribers on Facebook were 664,032,460 (approx.) and now on 31st march, 2012 that figure turned to 835,525,280 ( approx.) Facebook is such a wonderful and cost effective market for business because one can easily have direct contact with users of their product and services. More friends and followers on Facebook and twitter generates more popularity which inturns provide you a good market value without spending any money because this websites are free of cost. You just need to hire a SMO professional who could manage your profile.

Growing your facebook likes and twitter followers is directly proportional to the growth the popularity of your product or service in your users and to get well – known in the market. It builds the list of your fan followers and makes a reputaivue image of your business.

Social media marketers at Torque Web technology are brilliant and fully trained in their fields of social media optimization. Our team is well known of the SMO strategies that will help you to stand in this market of social media. They help you to post suggestive and quality content on your fan page so that.

Raise Your Visibility

What exactly happens when someone “likes” your business’s Facebook page?

Let’s look at an example. I personally am a big fan of kettle corn from a company called Popcorn, Indiana. If I “like” their page, here’s what shows up on my personal profile’s wall and in my news feed:

It won’t be long before one of my friends sees this, and decides to click on “Popcorn, Indiana” to check out their page (such as my boyfriend, who loves their white cheddar popcorn).

Build Relationships

But the relationship doesn’t end there (between me and Popcorn, Indiana, that is, not me and my boyfriend). Every time Popcorn, Indiana posts a status update on their page’s wall, that update will appear in my news feed for me to see, like this:

So if your business’s page has 300 fans, then your status updates will be published in 300 people’s news feeds! And if an update contains great content, your fans may like it, comment on it, or share it with their friends. This kind of interaction builds customer loyalty and spreads your content virally through Facebook.

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