E-Mail Marketing

In the era of social media where different ways and techniques are coming into existance, email marketis is still holding its place strongly. This is known as one of the oldest  and still one of the most significant ways to promote your product or service. Used widespread all over the world in process of promotion, it also helps in increasing sales by increasing visitors to your website. the best part of email marketing is that you can provide a lot of information with different attachments and your contact details.

Torque Web Technology provides a full range of email marketing to esteem a product launch and service promotion. We help our clients in building and organizing a strong database.

Bulk emailing campaigns are not just used for making money but also helps you to communicate your personel database up to date with your services or new products.

We provide full reports where you can keep track of your email campaigns like how many people opened your emails, how many clicked on the provided links and how many thought it as spam.

Why use email marketing

  • 1. Reduce effort
  • 2. Helps promoting your product/service easily.
  • 3. Helps increase communication
  • 4. Increase sales
  • 5. Cost effective technique
  • 6. Track of reports

We not only provide a full time consultation but also help our clients understand the reports showing value to their money.

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