SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO will be defined as the process of making changes to your site to make it more accessible to search engines and the visitors that arrive at your site from the search engines. Most of the SEOs will suggest you that natural search engine ranking is a dicey thing to bid upon! BUT it is the most reliable and genuine method of increasing web traffic.

Search engine optimization is not about tricks and unethical practices you can perform over the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is both an Art and a Science. It is a science of effective usage of Meta tags, positioning of keywords organically in body text, and careful analysis of keyword density using popular SEO software tools and techniques.

But organic search engine optimization and search engine rankings are driven by the natural instincts of an experienced SEO specialist who not only has the right SEO strategy and information on search engine matrices, but also has a natural sense of organic SEO. It is about understanding what are the key elements, that search engines look for on a page to help determine the relevance of the web page to the keyword. By understanding what page elements the search engines take into consideration while ranking a website or a webpage, and making adjustments to better present your webpage, you can improve your rankings. It is necessary for every online business.

Ethical SEO can help you a lot in increasing your target traffic, improving your Search Engine positions and generating a higher Return On Investment for your business. It helps in increasing the visibility of your online business. We help in making your business a runaway hit with both customers and search engines.

Site Analysis  -  Our team analyses your site’s technicalities including quality of coding, hosting     environment and speed, IP address, robots.txt file, sitemap structure and URL/filename naming

Keyword research  – Are you targeting the right keyword phrases for your target audience? Not sure? Let us analyze and we will send you the analysis with suggestions.

Reviewing content of your site to ensure that it is presented in such a way that both the Search Engines, and your site visitors, could find it easy to understand.

Link profile analysis – a review of your internal and external linking profile including relevancy/theme, quality and quantity and use of anchor text

Conversion analysis – ways to improve the conversion of your traffic into higher enquiries, leads and thereby revenues

Competitor analysis – determining what needs to be implemented to effectively compete in your market for your targeted key word phrases

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Link Building

First of all, let us introduce you with link building process.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC is counted as one of the most reliable internet marketing strategy.

Google Local Listing

Local Listing is the best mean to get local traffic for your business.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing not only implies marketing over the Internet but also includes

Reputation Management

Internet reputation management has gained much more importance in today’s

Content Writing

Content is the backbone of a website. Content doesn’t mean only a group of

Article And Directory Submission

Submission of Articles and directories are some of the superior techniques in SEO

Blog Creation And Management

In the modern era blogging is a new way for impressive and effective communication